Plume Evasion is a sustainable and experiential Travel Designer specialized in Caribbean destinations

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Custom-made journeys


Custom-made Journeys

The Bucket Lists and Travel Guides are a good start. But I’m guessing you’d like to be pampered from beginning to end. And it’s legitimate! After all, this trip to the Caribbean is an exceptional experience, which you may have coveted for years. So you want it to suit you 100% and to be adapted to your desires, your constraints, and your budget.

Say no more! I am here to meet your expectations! Together, we will develop your perfect trip: your role is to dream about it and communicate your desires to me, mine is to make your requests a reality, to save you the hours of research and the stress of site comparisons, and to find you the best rates. Good deal, right?

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The Personalized Travel Guide

You can customize existing Travel Guides, for example by changing the number of days, adding, deleting, or modifying activities. You can also request a custom-made trip according to your tastes and budget.



Stays of a minimum of 8 days if you arrive from a country outside the Caribbean area

The Mystery Journey

This formula is for you if you want to surprise a loved one with a trip. You will have to fill out a questionnaire collecting key information about them, such as accommodation preferences, possible health issues, and things to avoid during their trip. I will then design a trip for them, the details of which, including the destination, will only be revealed as they go along, for a guaranteed surprise effect!


Stays of a minimum of 8 days if the traveler arrives from a country outside the Caribbean area

The ''Hop-islands'' Journey

Why settle for one island when you can visit several? The Hop-islands journey allows you to visit a minimum of two islands, for a minimum of three days per island, to introduce you to the customs of each. You then have the choice between two options:

  • A free and relaxing trip (I help you with transportation, accommodation and I supply a Bucket List of things to see and do)
  • A completely organized trip to optimize the time spent on each island

Stays of a minimum of 8 days 

The "Special-occasion" Journey

Whatever formula you have chosen (personalized travel guide, mystery trip, Hop-islands trip), if you are traveling for a special occasion – Honeymoon, birthday, bachelorette party/ bachelor party, girls trip, team building, wellness retreat… – special attention will be paid to each stage of the stay (decorations, fun activities, culinary bonuses…).


Stays of a minimum of 8 days if you arrive from a country outside the Caribbean area



  • A PDF Travel guide to access your travel information wherever you are
  • An interactive map to visualize the steps
  • A complete itinerary day by day thought from start to finish with each stage optimized
  • Your selection of flights and transportation from your home to the airport
  • An accommodation proposal selected by me
  • A selection of activities and excursions to make your stay unforgettable
  • Distances and travel time between your different stages
  • A detailed provisional budget
  • Suggestions for restaurants, bars, and events taking place during your stay

€30 / day of journey*

€27 / day of journey*

*Any additional housing suggestion will be charged €12.10


To make your stay even more enjoyable and make it easier for you, I can suggest:

  • an organic and local catering service with the possibility of delivery
  • an accompanying guide (hiking guide, tour guide, language guide)
  • a local breakfast delivery service
  • a local delivery service for fruit and/or vegetable baskets
  • local chef/cook service at home

Each of the additional services will be charged € 12.10


To get started... your desires! Contact me by filling out the form at the end of the page, or by sending me an email, or by booking a slot for a phone call. In any case, I undertake to contact you within 72 hours to discuss your travel plan, your criteria and your budget.


Once we have agreed on your preferences, the duration and the type of your trip, I will email you a quote. Should you approve it, you will be required to pay a 30% deposit by wire transfer.


As soon as I receive the deposit, I can activate my magic wand. I will send you a proposal within a maximum of 14 days and I will only stop when you are completely satisfied with the itinerary I have created.


Once the project is validated, you settle the balance due, and I can email you your personalized PDF travel guide. It will contain all the useful information for your trip (itineraries, transportation, accommodations, activities and visits, restaurant suggestions...)


Most important step, you now book your different services thanks to the links directly included in your custom-made travel guide. Don't worry, I'll tell you when to book to benefit from the rates I've communicated to you.


You have three options to contact me:

  • Fill out the form below
  • Send me an email at:
  • Choose your slot for a phone call

Is Plume Evasion right for me?

Plume Evasion is for you if you want to discover the Caribbean islands other than by lying on a deckchair by the beach sipping Ti Punch (well… you’ll do that too, don’t you worry!).

You are in the right place if you want to immerse yourself in Caribbean culture, meet the locals, share unique moments with them, understand their history, their traditions, their way of life.

We will agree if you no longer stand mass tourism but prefer personalized experiences.

I will be happy to accompany you if respect (for the environment and local people) and open-mindedness are at the center of your core values.

Who makes the reservations?

It’s you! I am here to prepare your perfect itinerary and suggest to you activities and visits that are closest to your criteria. All you have to do is make the reservations by following the links that I will have indicated in your Travel Guide. You will have to be careful to make your reservations quickly enough to guarantee both the rates I will have mentioned, but also availability. If by chance, one of the links sent no longer worked, I would of course send another one corresponding to a similar service, and this, without supplement.

Yes, but if I book everything myself, what do I gain from going through your services?

This is probably the question that comes up most often… and I can understand! To answer it, I will tell you that your first advantage by using my services is time-saving. No more hours of research, gone the 36 open tabs to make comparisons, the thousands of traveler reviews to sort, the price differences from one site to another, the hesitations about which visits to choose. I’m saving your evenings, which now you can spend with your loved ones, or simply taking care of yourself (because I imagine that if you plan to go on holiday, it is because you feel you have deserved it!).

Then, I guarantee you that despite the extra remuneration for my service, you will get your money’s worth. I scrupulously choose the providers I propose, the rates given are theirs, and I do not take any commission on them.

Finally, you gain peace of mind! Venturing to a more or less distant island, which we know little, or not at all, can be scary. What do you need to know? Will you be safe? Which areas should you avoid? What are the best things to see and do? How to avoid being scammed? So many questions that I try to answer for you so that your journey goes smoothly.

What services are offered?

In addition to Bucket Lists, and Travel Guides, I offer a tailor-made travel organization service. After a first contact during which we will establish your desires, your restrictions, your budget, etc., I will work on developing a turnkey stay that will include a full day-by-day itinerary, a suggestion of one or more accommodations, a selection of flights. At your request, I can also offer a suggestion of transport rental service, suggestions of caterers or chefs at home working in the short circuit, deliveries of breakfasts or baskets of organic fruits and vegetables, accompanying guides. I specify again that no reservation will be made by me. However, all proposed service providers will have been contacted beforehand.

What won't I find with your services?

Plume Evasion is committed to a sustainable approach. In order to respect this vision, I decided not to offer the following services:

  • Excursions in motorized vehicles such as quads, scooters, jet skis, boats, catamarans, or any other motorized vehicle powered by gasoline.
  • Accommodation in large hotels
  • All-inclusive stays in hotels
  • Full board or half board (Plume Evasion does not require its travelers to have half board or full board in predetermined restaurants. Everyone is free to eat wherever they want. On the other hand, I will be happy to make suggestions of my favorite restaurants.)
  • Flight searches and/or accommodations only

What do I need to do to make a request?

Activity Packages and Travel Guides are directly available for purchase on the dedicated page. But be careful, for travel guides, you will have to fill out the associated form so that I can make proposals for your accommodation. For custom-made journeys, you can either email me at, book a slot for me to call you back, or fill out the contact form attached to the dedicated page.

What are the means of payment?

You can pay for your order by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, CB), Google Pay, or PayPal. Caution: for custom-made journeys, a 30% deposit will be required to validate the order. Before the delivery of the finalized Travel Guide, I will send you a link by email via which you can pay the balance of the amount due.

How long before my trip should I contact you?

Statistics from major booking platforms show that, on average, you should make your reservations no later than three months before the date of your trip to the Caribbean, to benefit from the best flight rates. So that’s the indication I’d give you. Of course, the earlier you do it, the more you guarantee the best rates and availability for your different activities. A “last-minute” organization is possible. But I still want to let you know that I will need a minimum of 7 days to make you a proposal.

When should I make reservations?

If I organize your trip, I advise you to book the flights I suggest first. Indeed, it is their price that will tend to fluctuate the most quickly. Ideally, you should book them within 24 hours after receiving your personalized travel guide (I will make sure to send you a message to let you know when it is sent).

For all the other services, you can relax a bit more. But of course, the earlier you book, the higher the chance of finding a spot.

Please note that some accommodations may offer to put options on their rooms or to pay in installments.

I can't make a reservation. What to do?

I will only suggest contractors that I will have contacted and/or met beforehand. I will make sure that the booking process is as clear as possible. If you still have trouble, I invite you to email me or to contact me by Whatsapp so that I can assist you.

What happens if one of my bookings is cancelled?

The contractor will announce it directly to you via one of the means of contact you have provided. It will be up to him to offer you an arrangement that suits both of you. Plume Evasion cannot be held responsible in the event of cancellation, and will not make a refund.

Is travel insurance included in your services?

Unfortunately, it is not! Although its services are close to it, Plume Evasion does not have the status of a travel agency and therefore cannot insure you in case of complete or partial cancellation of your trip. Reservations and the smooth running of the stay are the responsibility of the traveler and in case of a problem, only that of the contractor(s) can be engaged. I strongly advise you to take out travel insurance. Moreover, check with your bank if this service is not included in the terms of subscription of your credit card!

What are the proposed destinations?

You can find all the destinations offered on the ” Destinations” page. Ultimately, my goal is to offer experiential and sustainable stays in all the islands of the Caribbean. The catalog will be completed as I make my spotting trips. Indeed, as a reminder, I try, as far as possible, to offer only destinations that I myself have visited.

Is it possible to visit several islands in one trip?

Of course! It is one of the custom-made formulas: the Hop-islands journey. The Hop-islands journey is the only trip offered by Plume Evasion whose duration spent on each island is less than 8 days. It is therefore not a journey of deep discovery but rather an introduction to the customs of each. You will spend a minimum of three days on each island in order to appreciate them while taking into account the constraints of the means of transport. The price of organizing a Hop-Islands trip remains the same as a classic custom-made trip.

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