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Fitness Bèlè by Youry ROTIN

Hello little hummingbird!

Last week, I introduced you to Youry ROTIN, an adapted physical activities instructor, and creator of Fitness Bèlè in Martinique (what? you haven’t seen his portrait yet? Okay, just for this time, here you go).

What is Fitness Bèlè?

Fitness… ok I think you see more or less what it is. Belè… you should too, but just in case, it’s this way.

Youry had the excellent idea of combining the two, in order to combine the useful with the pleasant, physical health and mental health, sports, and tradition.

The Fitness Bèlè takes you into the heart of African ancestral roots, to the rhythm of the drum, Martinican culture, and traditional Afro-Caribbean songs. More than just a concept, Youry wanted to share his love for the Martinican culture, his passion for its history, and his expertise on the health issues that make Fitness a way of life, a sharing, and strong alliance. As a bonus, it’s an activity suitable for both adults and children!

(A sneak preview on Youry’s Facebook page:

Why does Plume Evasion LOVE it?!

Because Fitness Bèlè fits perfectly into both sustainable tourism and sustainable development approach:

  • The socio-cultural historicity of Martinique is respected and valued. Youry and his team use it to promote exchange, sharing, discovery, and tolerance between different cultures. They participate in the work of transmission, which is essential today to ensure the preservation of the authenticity of Caribbean culture.
  • The activity meets the third goal of sustainable development: “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.” It is no longer a secret that to stay healthy, you need to move. Regular physical activity contributes to longer life expectancy. This is even more important given the context in which we live today.

We need to encourage these kinds of initiatives.

Do you know the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? I invite you to discover them here:

Would you like to participate in a Fitness Bèlè workshop? It’s possible!

See you soon for more information


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