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Guadeloupean Creole Lessons

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Lison kréyol gwadloupéen

Guadeloupean Creole Lessons

“Translation is not just about words: it’s about making an entire culture intelligible.” Anthony Burgess


Traveling “Plume Evasion‘s way” goes beyond lazing around on the beach (although it always feels good, I must admit). A particular emphasis is given to sharing and exchanging between the visitors and the locals. And what better way to foster this connection than to speak the same language?

If you’re thinking of going to Guadeloupe soon, you can already start learning Guadeloupean Creole with these courses offered by Dianaëlle, creator of the blog La Guadeloupéenne, thanks to which she reveals the richness of her native island in her own way.

With her experience on social networks, Dianaëlle will teach you the basics of the Creole language and the Guadeloupean culture through her different formats, each one as fun as the other.


Embark on a journey and take your first step in Guadeloupe!

All you have to do is to follow the following steps:


1- Book your session with Dianaelle by clicking on this link:


2- Proceed to the payment of your course here :


3- Enjoy your class and come back to the site to leave a review 😉

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