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Haitian creole classes

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Sak pasé ? N'ap boule !

Haitian creole lessons

Pal franse pa di lespri pou sa

Translation: Speaking French doesn’t mean that you are witty.

Explanation: In Haiti, speaking French is a sign of education and some Haitians will sometimes judge a person for it. The proverb says that it is not because a person is educated that he is necessarily intelligent.


Traveling with Plume Evasion is more than just lazing around on the beach. A point of honor is put on the sharing between the visitors and the locals. And what better way to foster this connection than to speak the same language?

If you’re thinking about visiting Haiti soon, you can already try learning some Haitian Creole with these classes offered by Eunice and Yve-Claude, Haitian Creole teachers at Rise 2 Haitian Creole.

Eunice and Yve-Claude were both born to Haitian parents and make a living out of their passion: learning more about their culture every day, and passing that knowledge on to their students.


Participate in live conversations with native Haitians, grammar, and/or vocabulary classes!


When? Every Thursday


How do I do it? Let me explain:


1- Book your class with Eunice and Yve-Claude by consulting this calendar:


2- Confirm your slot by contacting them by email:


3- Proceed to the payment of your course here :


4- Enjoy your lesson and come back to the site to leave a review 😉

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