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The Guadeloupe Box

49€ / per person
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Guadeloupe is coming to you

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Why would we only enjoy Caribbean products when we travel there?

You live or have already visited Guadeloupe and you wish to bring back its flavors in your cocoon?
You are thinking of visiting Guadeloupe soon (with Plume Evasion 😉 ) but would like to have a taste of what awaits you?

The Guadeloupe Box is made for you!


The Guadeloupe Box is the first box delivery concept 100% made in Guadeloupe!

In this box, you will find 4 products (minimum) coming from Guadeloupe:

2 food products
1 beauty or well-being product
1 cultural product

Each month, a different theme is proposed by the founder, Francesca PIERRE, who explains: “The Guadeloupe Box is a journey in a Guadeloupe different from the one on postcards. Let’s support these artisans, let’s be actors of our consumption, of the development of this archipelago.”


Discover the richness of Guadeloupe and order your Guadeloupe Box here :

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